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    Glenn Lawless

    Glenn is a multi-industry marketing maverick with customer-experience management and relationship-building expertise. Whether it’s elevating sales-training programs or advising on omnichannel marketing campaigns, Glenn knows how to engage his audience in an authentic way…”

    Recent Posts

    Tools your Cafeteria Needs

    Behind-the-scenes organization plays a central role in establishing and maintaining a smooth-running, efficient cafeteria. School cafeterias, in particular, require equipment that's not only ...


    Tags: Cafeteria SchoolLunchWeek

    What Makes a Good School Lunch?

    Ask a group of kids to name their favorite lunch foods and the answers typically include everything from pizza to tacos, burgers, and cookies for dessert. While it’s important to provide school ...


    Tags: Cafeteria SchoolLunchWeek

    4 Ways to (Properly) Waste Space in the Kitchen

    Here are some ways space could be better utilized in your kitchen. Prepare yourself we are about to drop some knowledge.... OK? OK... Let's get to it.


    Tags: Insider catering prepmate

    The Perfect Summer Shish Kabobs

    Spend some time in the kitchen with Glenn the Chef and learn how to make delicious shish kabobs. These kabobs are made with fresh ingredients and are a summer grilling staple everyone will love. 


    Tags: Insider prepmate

    Applications of the New Mightylite Color Options

     You may have thought that the Mightylite couldn't get any cooler. It has been tossed off a building, filled with fireworks, tossed down the stairs, and even hit by a truck ( You should have seen the ...


    Tags: Insider catering Mightylite foodservice