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    Don't Get Burned: The Benefits of C5 3 Series with Insulation Armour

    Insulation Armour is designed to improve energy efficiency, safety, and mobility. The Armour panels serve many purposes; here are some of the more prevalent.

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    Lower initial investment- Other insulated cabinets include two layers of metal and insulation between it. This bumps up the price of the insulated units; however, C5 3 Series with Insulation Armour eliminates the outer layer of metal, making it more cost effective for the consumer upfront.

    Energy Efficiency-Although C5 3 Series is not quite as efficient as some traditionally insulated double wall metal units; it still efficiently improves energy costs over non-insulated  cabinets and actually has a higher overall return-on-investment vs traditionally insulated cabinets. This means you can still save on energy costs without the higher initial investment!

    Great for Mobile Applications

    Cool- to- touch- The polymer Armour panels make it safer and easier to move than non-insulated cabinets. 3 Series is a great all around cabinet for all operators because it provides insulation at a more affordable price point.

    Handles- The Insulation Armour panels have built in vertical handles on all 4 corners of the cabinet, making it easy-to-move.

    Durability- Insulation Armour provides a layer of protection around the cabinet that make it dent, impact, and stain resistant.

    Click here to Check out the C5 3- Series Cabinets

    About the author

    Jim Dube has worked in the food-service industry for over 15 years, 11 of which have been with Metro as Product Manager for their Thermal Holding & Transport Category. His daily focus on holding and transport of hot and cold food have helped contribute to numerous new, innovative holding & transport solutions for Metro over the past 11 years.
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