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    Fast Food Chains are Feuding over who has the Best Chicken Sandwich

    Welcome to the #Twitterdome this week's fight is the #ChickenWar!

    On August 12, Popeyes took to the twitter-sphere to announce their new chicken sandwich. What resulted was a twitter war between Popeyes, Chick-fil-a, and, of course, Wendy's (the Fast Food Ruler of Twitter). 


    About a week after Popeyes tweeted the released of their chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-a gave us happy home feels by posting this tweet highlighting their original chicken sandwich with a heart. ❤ 


    Later, Popeyes reacted to Chick-fil-a's post and the internet exploded. The post prompted a massive internet interaction between fans of the Popeyes and Chick-fil-a chains over who has the best chicken sandwich.


    In response to the twitter-sphere losing it, Wendy’s decided to get in on the fun posting this in response to the #ChickenWars.

    Classic Wendy's... Popeyes had this response to Wendy's entering the arena: 


    To put the Twitter war to bed the Metro team  did our own taste test to determine the winner of the #ChickenWar. 

    Chicken Debate

    Comment below who you believe the winner is, or who you think had the most savage twitter comeback. 


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