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    Start your Dry Aging Process Right with these Facts and Tips

    Dry aging is a very popular endeavor right now. If you aren't familiar with exactly what dry aging is, it's very simple. “Dry aging is a process whereby beef is stored – without protective packaging ...


    Tags: Insider DryAging

    5 Things to Consider when choosing a Holding Cabinet

    Holding  cabinets can be a significant benefit to any food-based operation. These handy units allow you to serve massive crowds promptly (compared to cooking the dishes to order), improving your ...


    An Insider perspective of what it takes to win a Kitchen Storage Makeover.

    It’s been a long road promoting the second year of the FE&S Kitchen Storage Makeover sponsored by Metro. After completing a very successful year one (Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center) ...


    Tags: Insider catering Mightylite prepmate

    How to Properly Store Seafood in your Restaurant

    Seafood should be carefully handled, prepped, wrapped, and stored in your restaurant's kitchen. Following proper protocol will keep your seafood fresh and tasty, and it will aid greatly in preventing ...


    Tags: Insider catering FoodSafety Seafood

    How to Safely Store Raw Meat in Your Restaurant's Kitchen

    When storing raw meat, it is imperative that certain precautions are made to ensure the safety of that product and all the products around it.  To do this, use the three rules below to store raw meat ...


    Tags: FoodSafety CoolerStorage store raw meat