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    4 Ways to (Properly) Waste Space in the Kitchen

    Here are some ways space could be better utilized in your kitchen. Prepare yourself we are about to drop some knowledge.... OK? OK... Let's get to it.


    Tags: Insider catering prepmate

    How to Safely Store Prepared Foods in Your Restaurant's Kitchen

    Foods go through many stages once in your restaurant’s kitchen. At all stages, proper handling and storage are essential. Even once foods have been fully prepared and are ready to eat, they must be ...


    Tags: Insider catering

    An Insider perspective of what it takes to win a Kitchen Storage Makeover.

    It’s been a long road promoting the second year of the FE&S Kitchen Storage Makeover sponsored by Metro. After completing a very successful year one (Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center) ...


    Tags: Insider catering Mightylite prepmate

    How to Properly Store Seafood in your Restaurant

    Seafood should be carefully handled, prepped, wrapped, and stored in your restaurant's kitchen. Following proper protocol will keep your seafood fresh and tasty, and it will aid greatly in preventing ...


    Tags: Insider catering FoodSafety Seafood

    Applications of the New Mightylite Color Options

     You may have thought that the Mightylite couldn't get any cooler. It has been tossed off a building, filled with fireworks, tossed down the stairs, and even hit by a truck ( You should have seen the ...


    Tags: Insider catering Mightylite foodservice