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    The Benefits of Breakfast in Schools


    Breakfast is known as "the most important meal of the day." For a student's performance, it seems that this quote is 100% true. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast experience many benefits in the classroom. Here are a few benefits students experience if they are fed breakfast before hitting the books


    The benefits of breakfast in schools..


    Improved daily function (and Grades)

    Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast have an easier time paying attention and a heightened ability to concentrate. This leads to higher levels of achievement and higher test scores among students.  

    A two-week randomized study in five elementary schools found that food supplementation before tests significantly increased the student's scores overall. This is also true for students who received school breakfast. Children who participate in school breakfast programs score higher  than those who did not have access to a similar program.

    Maintain Proper Energy Levels

    Students need energy to concur the day. This is especially true for younger students who need extra sleep for proper development. School can take a lot out of young students, and they must have adequate nutrition to function fully.

    Increased Memory Function

    Students who are given a healthy breakfast to start their mornings have an easier time remembering the information presented in class.  

    Students with breakfast tend to be more interested in participating in class

    The added energy from breakfast can help students get excited about learning. Having proper energy levels allows students to fight fatigue and to interact while in class.

    Eating breakfast makes maintaining a healthy weight easier

    Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Individuals who eat breakfast take care of their body's cravings immediately and are less likely to snack throughout the day. Fighting this urge can help to regulate the amount of calories that an individual eats throughout the day.

    USDA researchers determined that students who eat breakfast have a higher score on the Department's Healthy Eating Index, and children in low-income situations have a higher HEI score. A higher healthy eating index score means that those individuals have a more diverse and healthy overall diet.

    Overall better Moods

    Have you ever heard the word hangry? It is a real reaction to hunger to be irritable and unhappy. Hungry students mean unhappy students. Unhappy students mean disengaged and uninterested students. Offering a school breakfast program is an easy way to combat hangry morning stares. 

    Help Limit Nurse Visits

    Students need to be able to attend class to learn. However, if they aren't getting proper nutrition, they tend to experience headaches or stomach aches associated with hunger. This can cause them to miss class and have a lasting impact on their education overall. Ensuring access to breakfast is an easy way to ensure that they spend less time with the nurse and more time in the classroom.


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