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    Sales Spotlight: Jason Hadley

    Check out our  sit-down interview with Jason Hadley to find out how Jason provided Metro’s Flexline with PowerPod cart solution to Indiana University’s Health Ambulatory Surgery Centers.


    Tags: healthcare Sales Spotlight

    Case Study: Indiana University Health Surgery Center finds Efficiency in Power



    Hidden Costs in the Healthcare Supply Chain

    When it comes to healthcare, all stakeholders agree that there is a need to prevent cost escalation and simultaneously cut expenses. Even so, an often-overlooked area in this endeavor is the ...


    How High Density Storage helped the Hurley Medical Center

    Hurley Medical Center Overview The Hurley Medical Center is a 433 bed facility located in Flint, Michigan. The Hurley Medical Center was founded in 1908 by James J. Hurley with one mission; to ...


    Tags: Insider healthcare

    This Year at AORN 2019

    This year at the AORN Show ' 19 - Booth 1514, Intermetro Industries  showed many innovative efficiency boosting products to help healthcare operators Conquer their day. The added organization and ...


    Tags: Insider healthcare PowerPod

    How Metro’s Wireless Carts Save Time & Money

    A familiar problem nurses and their managers face is keeping user access to medical carts current and fine-tuning cart settings. Entering this information manually at each cart implies a lot of ...


    5 Tips to Maximize your AORN Experience

    April 6-10 starts the spectacle known as the 2019 AORN Expo. Being one of the biggest surgical shows in the US, it is hardly a surprise that there is a lot of things to experience at this conference. ...


    Tags: healthcare

    3 Things to Look for in your Treatment Cart

      Organization is essential when  treating patients, having the proper tools easily accessible can be a major benefit for your staff. Therefore, when designing a treatment cart, not only the ...


    Tags: healthcare treatment cart

    3 Things to Look for in your Procedure Cart

    To determine the most beneficial design for a procedure cart, one must take the procedure being performed into consideration. A wide range of accessories  are   available to properly equip a ...


    Tags: Insider healthcare procedure cart

    3 Thing to Look for in your Medication Cart

    The medication carts available today offer many different customization options, including,  innovative security options, drawers that are designed to house a variety of products and  space- saving ...


    Tags: healthcare medication cart electronic medication cart