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    Jeff Rogish

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    Hidden Costs in the Healthcare Supply Chain

    When it comes to healthcare, all stakeholders agree that there is a need to prevent cost escalation and simultaneously cut expenses. Even so, an often-overlooked area in this endeavor is the ...


    How Metro’s Wireless Carts Save Time & Money

    A familiar problem nurses and their managers face is keeping user access to medical carts current and fine-tuning cart settings. Entering this information manually at each cart implies a lot of ...


    5 Tips to Maximize your AORN Experience

    April 6-10 starts the spectacle known as the 2019 AORN Expo. Being one of the biggest surgical shows in the US, it is hardly a surprise that there is a lot of things to experience at this conference. ...


    Tags: healthcare

    5 Things to Look for in Your Emergency Cart

    In the event of an emergency, speed and efficiency are key. An unorganized, difficult to maneuver, insufficiently stocked (due to limited space) emergency cart can add to the current stress levels ...


    5 Lean Supply Management Hacks

    So, you have discovered there's inefficiency in your hospital supply management; you know it's costing you money, but how can you fix it ?


    13 Lean Healthcare Terms You Need to Know

    Lean management strategies have been around for a long time, for over 100 years facilities have used these concepts to optimize their workflow and budget. When you take these strategies and apply ...


    Tags: Insider

    Study Shows Lean Process Improves Hospital Employee Satisfaction

    Studies have shown happy employees are 20% more productive at work..


    How Lean Supply Management Can Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

    "Lean supply chain management". It sounds like a term exclusive to those in manufacturing and retail. Isn't that something big companies like Amazon have to worry about? Not hospitals like yours?


    Q&A With Dave Salus :Why Two Bin?

     Dave Salus ( Group Manager, Healthcare at Metro) Weighs in on new two - bin solutions and the benefits they provide: 


    Hospital Becomes ‘Lean’-er with a New Two-Bin Kanban System