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    How Carts improve the workplace for Nurses

    According to a recent Forbes poll nurses are the most trusted professionals in the United States. A study concluded that 82 % of Americans consider nurses to be honest and ethical; this is greatly ...


    Products to Improve Sterile Storage, Transportation, and Compliance with Professional Guidelines

    In the United States alone, 300,000 surgical site infections (SSIs) occur in medical facilities, with the majority of these being completely preventable. Not only do SSIs increase a patient's average ...


    How Hospitals Can Deal Successfully in Reducing ED Overcrowding

    How Hospitals Can Deal Successfully in Reducing ED Overcrowding   When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, then President Obama commented that one potential area for cost savings might be due ...


    How Maximizing Storage Space can Reduce Waste, Save Time and Cut Costs

    The National Institutes of Health recently noted that most medical establishments use a whopping 35% of their entire budgets to manage their inventory systems. Needless to say, maximizing storage ...


    Three Important Benefits of Lean Management in the Medical Industry

    Lean management is an effective managerial strategy that has played a vital role in helping medical facilities remain successful long-term. Following are three important benefits of this style of ...


    Reduce Hospital Noise by Choosing the Right Carts

    A recent article in appearing in Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo’s The Leaflet discussed the issue of “noise” within healthcare environments. As anyone who as ever stepped foot into a ...


    Are You Compliant?

    Are You Compliant? The Joint Commission recently released their report of the top five most challenging compliance requirements for the first half of 2016. The list was compiled using surveys and ...


    How Clean is Your Cart?

    A December 2015 study published in the American Journal of Infection Control found that high-touch objects within an intensive care unit (ICU), such as clinical workstations and carts, could possibly ...


    Blue Wrap or Rigid Containers for Sterile Storage?

    Blue Wrap or Rigid Containers for Sterile Storage? Preventing surgical site infections is obviously a primary concern for all healthcare facilities and it all starts with proper storage of sterilized ...