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    This Year at AORN 2019

    This year at the AORN Show ' 19 - Booth 1514, Intermetro Industries  showed many innovative efficiency boosting products to help healthcare operators Conquer their day. The added organization and efficiency these products provide can make day- to - day processes easier on you and your staff!  If you are looking for improved efficiency and organization, check out the new exciting products shown at this years AORN. 


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    Case Carts 

     Metro offers  two lines of products that support surgical cases.

    Open Case Carts 

    The Open Case Cart is lighter weight, so easier to move than closed case carts and offers greater visibility and airflow.  Metro’s Open Case Carts have easy adjust shelves, by way of  a Super Adjustable™ lever, that removes the wasted space found above the packs and supplies to provide more efficient transport. Check out the video below to learn more about Metro's Open Case Carts. 


    Case Carts



    Closed Case Carts

    The Closed Case Cart offering encloses the entire cart,so when you are traveling through the corridors that are not dedicated to SPD-OR travel there is a barrier of protection between the instruments and supplies contained within and the environment. The cart is also specially designed to limit noise as it is moved and features extension shelves to make loading and unloading the cart more ergonomic. Check out the video below to learn more about Metro's Enclosed Case Carts.

    Enclosed Case Carts




    The PowerPod on Metro's carts provide an added level of efficiency in daily patient care.   By combining needed supplies with access to  patient data in one solution enables caregivers to utilize one cart, without having to leave the patient to go check on a chart, or go get a needed supply.  Whether moving within a department to treat patients or traveling the hospital to bring a service to the patient, up to 14 hours of run time on single charge will provide the assurance the cart is ready when you are.  Metro’s powered carts can be found in the E.D. supporting overflow, in oncology for IV Therapy, in Labor & Delivery for Epidural, in Anesthesia for support outside the O.R. . . .  Click the video below to learn more about this product. 




    Proximity Card Reader

    On all of Metro's Electronic touch pad systems, there is the option to include a high or low frequency proximity card reader. It eliminates the need to remember a code or go through the step to enter it… Simply swipe your employee badge and you’re in. Click the video below to learn more about Metro's Proximity Card Reader.

    Proximity Readers



    Experience this and more.. Experience the Metro Effect 




    About the author

    Dave Salus has been with Intermetro for over 25 years. He is currently the Market Manager for the Healthcare division, which includes carts , shelving, baskets, carts, tables, work centers, and a large variety of specialty products. Dave's tenure at Metro has provided him with first- hand experience in all departments in a hospital. His market research provides a unique perspective from the end user’s viewpoint, that is brought within the company and embedded in the new products, programs , and written material he creates.
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