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    Hand Trimming vs. Machine Trimming

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    Monday, January 14, 2019

            Pruning is a crucial -- and all-too-often tedious -- component in growing and selling cannabis. While the market is flooded with industrial machine trimmers of all shapes and sizes, how does it compare to paying a professional hand-trimmer? If you've been considering implementing automatic trimming into your grow facility, you should first consider the potentially negative effects associated with the technology. Some of the most important aspects of trimming involves yield, potency, profile, and labor.




                  Ensuring your product produces the highest-possible yield is crucial to a productive operation. While many automatic trimming technologies focus on weight and distribution, it's important to consider how manual trimming lends to a more consistent product. Hand trimming offers more attention to detail than automatic trimming and offers growers more control. Machine trimming tends to create consistently-shaped nugs; however, this shaves away valuable flower in the process. Weight is a factor but it's not as important as the presence of cannabinoids -- the chemical compounds found in cannabis -- which offer the sought-after effects for which the plant is cultivated.




    For many dispensaries, a higher potency leads to higher sales. If your operation is striving to deliver the most potent product possible, then you should invest in every aspect of your product line. From curation to trimming, your methodology impacts both the perceived and intended value of your final product. While hand trimming, you can take extra care to keep each nug in-tact. This is especially important when handling trichome-rich buds where most of the cannabinoids are concentrated; an automatic trimmer may shake away a significant amount of kief.




    Each strain of cannabis boasts different characteristics. The perceived flavor profile in cannabis is largely a result of terpenes (hydrocarbons found in essential oils). Some buds contain small pockets of resin tucked inside leaves while others display these physiognomies in abundance. Preserving these properties while trimming will ensure that your flower is pristine and representative of its natural beauty. A hand trimmer can identify many of these features based on aroma and appearance. A machine trimmer doesn't include any sort of sensory input to detect these important distinctions.




    One of the attractions of machine trimming involves labor. While your business may cut labor costs by using machine trimmers, you should also consider the cost this has on the final product. Consider the volume of plant shavings you will have to re-purpose or dispose of when making the switch to machine trimmers. The human-factor lends to improved quality assurance and involvement in your production process. Furthermore, staffing trimmers in your cannabis operation is an important contribution to improving the job market.


    What now?

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    Understanding the difference in ways in which to process your cannabis can ultimately help you understand how to create a more valuable product. Trimming is not the only way you can increase the value and yield of your crop. If you’re interested in learning where you can improve your process click the link below.

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    Edward Ciprich has been part of the Intermetro team for 2 years. He is well versed in the cannabis industry and has attended conferences and seminars to further his knowledge. Be sure to keep up with Edward's blogs for information, tips, and developments in the cannabis industry.
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